About us

How it all Began ...

Our desire to create a planet positive and healthier home began a few years ago when we decided to break the cycle of convention and search for less toxic goods to live with. Our fascination with home and hearth friendly products soon turned into an obsession for exceptionally designed and crafted sustainable products. From this obsession was born the idea of Misty Peaks- an endeavour to bring cleaner and greener lifestyle products to mindful consumers who are looking to minimise the chemical overload in their homes and lives. (Read more about our journey in the Founders Story section)

Our Products

Our offerings, have been crafted to fit into the homes and lifestyle of the modern consumer and the sensibilities they embody. Each of our products embody simplicity and practicality while delivering a pure, natural and ethical experience to buyers.

Focus on Quality

Our products are carefully curated and sourced in small batches to ensure exceptional quality and luxury that every consumer deserves! With a brand identity and packaging conceptualised by a London based design firm, Misty Peaks has set out to create an India made luxury brand for extraordinarily crafted home products for mindful consumers.

Authenticated Sustainability

Misty Peaks, along with our suppliers, attempt to nurture the local economy and support producers who stand against toxic and chemical based production. Our manufacturers engage in fair trade with craftspeople who lend authenticity to our endeavours and help us build products that stand the test of time. We are firmly against animal testing and cruelty. In short, we adhere to practices that look after the people who help us look after the environment.

Let’s Discover Sustainable Luxury Together

If you have read so far, now is as good a time as any to warmly welcome you into the Misty Peaks family. We believe our convictions have found a match in each other and you are just as committed to transforming your home into a natural sanctuary as we are. Come along on this journey of finding meaningful ways to add value to life, making informed choices for the future and investing in cruelty free, finely crafted, mindful and natural products for the home. Misty Peaks is our humble attempt to reverse the damage, one beautiful object at a time. Whatever you choose to bring home from our label, rest assured it is just as good for you as it is for the environment.

Founder's Story

A few years ago, a chance reading of an article highlighted that the textile industry was one of the biggest environmental polluters on the planet. It also suggested that the nasty chemicals hiding in our daily use home textiles, like our bedding and towels, could be one of the leading causes of allergies and other ailments. Some more research into daily polluters in our life such as plastic storage and home cleaning chemicals, set our family on a journey to replace daily use products in our home with well crafted, planet positive products. The outcome was that we saw a definite improvement in some of our recurring allergies and even some chronic ailments. On our journey across market shelves flooded with options, we realised what a task it was to find home goods, that while being mindful, also looked and felt good. We joined forces with like minded souls to create home products that were aesthetically designed, displayed fine craftsmanship and used quality raw materials. Thus was born the idea of Misty Peaks - to create a model for a planet considerate and socially valuable shopping experience that doesn’t compromise on quality or style.

Our contact information is: 

Business Address: B-3/12, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon- 122002, Haryana, India
Phone: +91-8178209186
Email: info@mistypeaks.in